Steven, age 11, Georgia – Gift Recipient and Donor

“Dear Sunshine Brotherhood Community Foundation,

 My name is Steven and I am 11 years old. The last three months have been very hard for my family. Three months ago, my dad died in a car accident and because my mother died when I was a baby, I had to go live with my grandmother. I miss my dad so much. We did everything together. I miss talking to my dad about my school day. If it was possible, I would ask Santa to bring my dad back because I miss him so much. After my dad passed, I had to go live with my grandmother. My grandmother is 72 years old and she has not been happy since my dad passed. We did not have much food in the refrigerator. Most days, my grandmother is too sick to get out of bed and she cries a lot when she thinks I am not looking. I was very sad. My dad is gone and I knew that Christmas was not coming to my grandmother’s home this year because we did not have the money for toys. Thank you Sunshine Brotherhood for the Toys for Tots donations that my family received for Christmas today. Until today, I felt like no one cared about my grandmother and me. Until today, I believed that Christmas died for me when my dad passed. Thank you for the donations. - Steven”

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