Madison, Minnesota – Gift Donor (Madison’s mother submitted the story)

My daughter Madison (age 11) has been collecting toys for Toys for Tots since she was six years old. She has raised money through various fundraising activities, such as holding lemonade stands and selling handmade coasters. In addition, she has donated all of her birthday gifts to Toys for Tots for the last five years. Over the last five years, she has donated over 300 toys, valued around $4,800 to our local Toys for Tots. She also particularly enjoys volunteering at the toy distribution center and helping distribute the toys she had a part in collecting. Madison has been a source of inspiration for friends and family with her generosity and selflessness, inspiring others to give more as well. Every year, the first item on her Christmas list is that every kid would get a gift. Madison collects for the Blue Earth County Toys for Tots Drive that distributes out of Mankato, MN.

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