Jodi, California – Gift Donor

My daughter Faith wants to be a Marine like her father. Five years ago, we visited a carnival and they had a Toys for Tots booth. She immediately was drawn to it and wanted to know more. From that point on, she decided to donate all her birthday presents to Toys for Tots. Her birthday is December 8th and she saw no reason to get so many presents with Christmas so close. This year, she turns 12 and this will be her fifth year donating to Toys for Tots.

Year 1: Bring a Toy (donated between 50-60 toys)

Year 2: Scooters for All Ages (donated 110 scooters plus 40 toys)

Year 3: Legos for All (donated 95 legos plus 50 toys)

Year 4: Toys for All Ages (donated 126 toys)

Year 5: Let's go CRAZY!!! (Her party is on the December 10th and she is hoping to receive a CRAZY amount of toys to be able to donate.)

People try to bring a toy to donate, as well as a gift card or money for her. However, she takes all gift cards and goes to the stores to purchase more toys. She keeps nothing. She says, "Mom, I have all I need and I don’t want any kid forgotten ever!" Her heart overwhelms me. She is such a good-spirited kid. The Marine Corps is just amazing to her and knowing that the Toys for Tots program runs because of them makes her even prouder to support! People at first didn't understand why she would do this. However, she never once questioned her decision. She's awesome!

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