Robert, Florida – TFT Coordinator

One of our Toys for Tots supporters is an avid comic and toy collector. For the past four decades, he has cherished his toy collection. I visited him during a Toys for Tots fundraiser he had at his house where he showed me hundreds of G.I. Joes (some of which were older than me). In the last three years, he has raised over $30,000 single-handedly. He has conducted toy auctions at comic conventions all around Seminole, Orange and Osceola counties. I got to witness the immense generosity of his supporters, many of whom were 18 to 19 year-old teens who paid hundreds of dollars for a toy, just to donate it back to the auction. He began a Facebook auction in which he sold his own toys that he had collected. He went on to purchase $15,000 worth of toys for my campaign this year. If I ever were lucky enough to be the Coordinator who gets the opportunity to have a G.I. Joe modeled in my likeness, I would quickly request that this kind, genuinely good person, be the one who receive such an amazing opportunity.

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