Teri Roundtree- Wolfe City, TX

A young man and his wife that were walking down the sidewalk outside of our warehouse really stand out in my mind.  I was trying to communicate over the phone with a Spanish speaking family to have them come pick up toys.  At the time, no one at the warehouse spoke Spanish.  I asked the young couple walking down the sidewalk if either spoke Spanish, and the young lady did.  She took over the phone call and informed the family their toys were ready.  I said thanks and thought they would be on their way, but it turned out they were at the warehouse to pick up toys as well.  So, we gave them their toys and wished them a good night.   

About an hour later, the young man came back to our warehouse.  He came in with his head down, kind of trembling. He looked up with tears in his eyes and said, “My wife and I were being children when we got home. We opened the bags to see what our kids were getting for Christmas, and I had to come back and say thank you. Our kids have never, ever had a Christmas like this.”  

One of our volunteers told us he was outside when the couple left with the toys.  He watched them walk with those bags until he could not see them anymore.  It was cold that night, and that couple walked close to 30 minutes one way on a cold night to get those toys.  He then walked back to the warehouse to thank us. 

When we started this journey, our entire team knew it was a good thing.  We knew we were helping children.  We had no idea how much we were helping parents.

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