Hillwood Airways and Hasbro Toys Aid Hurricane Stricken Puerto Rico

Marine Toys for Tots had hoped to conduct a key toy delivery mission with the Blue Angels to hurricane devastated Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately the mission was in jeopardy because “Fat Albert”, the Blue Angels C-130 support aircraft had been grounded along with the entire fleet of C-130T aircraft.  Just when all hope was lost, Hillwood Airways, a Ross Perot Company, offered use of one of their cargo aircraft to fly planeloads of toys donated by one of our key corporate sponsors, Hasbro Inc., to Puerto Rico.  On 20 December a planeload of toys provided by Hasbro departed Dallas making delivery late that day in Puerto Rico.  After unloading their pallets of toys, the aircraft flew to Miami and early on 21 December picked-up another full load of Hasbro toys and once again flew to Puerto Rico to make delivery.  When the mission was complete Hasbro, together with Hillwood Airways had delivered over 30,000 toys, books, and games to our Reserve Marines in Puerto Rico for distribution to thousands of Puerto Rican children who truly would have gone without were it not for this special mission.  We offer our congratulations and sincere thanks to the team that made this possible, Hillwood Airways, Hasbro Inc. and our Marines in Puerto Rico.

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